Xining City north of the State Taxation Bureau of the provincial civilized unit award

recently, the State Administration of Taxation of the north of the city was awarded the honorary title of "civilized unit" by the Qinghai Provincial Committee of civilization.

in recent years, the north area of the IRS in the correct leadership of the higher authorities, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as the guide, the full implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, and vigorously promote the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, adhere to the "wealth for the country and law enforcement for the people of the tax work, carry out the civilized industry, civilized unit the post of civilization and other activities, and achieved remarkable results in the cultivation of good morality, practice the noble occupation ethics, cultivate harmonious relationship, civilization tax image and continuously improve the quality of tax cadres. District Office in the overall strengthening of tax collection and management, the quality of construction, construction of a clean and honest government, cadre style construction and wind construction, in the consolidation of spiritual civilization achievements at the same time, continue to develop new ideas, new initiatives launched the activities to build spiritual civilization development in innovation, innovation in development, for District Bureau of the work has played a positive role in promoting, make new contribution to the development of local economy. (author: Zhang Xiaoxin)