This year due to the violation of the provisions of the eight Xining investigate and deal with the p

Since the promulgation of the provisions of the central eight, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau insisted that the central authorities to investigate and deal with violations of the provisions of the spirit of the work included in the focus of the eight. Since this year, were investigated in violation of the provisions of the eight issues 14, 10 people given party discipline, the organization for 5 people.The provisions of the eight

in the correct four winds, Xining City, innovative methods of supervision, at the node. Pay attention to the key time node of the publicity and education and supervision and inspection, the 7 traditional festivals every year as the focus, to focus on every holiday before the holiday, festival, festival of the three special inspection work within the city. Before the holiday, issued a notice to remind the ICAC, and the establishment of independent supervision posts "in the county departments; centralized supervision and inspection section, take the bus into hotel, unannounced visits to check checks invoices and other ways to carry out a thorough investigation of the consumer; after do criticism. New year’s day, Spring Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period group consisting of 24 of the city’s various departments and units of work discipline, work efficiency, service attitude and the implementation of the provisions of the central eight launched 4 investigations, issued a "briefing" thorough investigation of 3 style construction period of enforcement of work discipline and 82 units to implement the existing problems of information system, management and other aspects of the bus were named briefing exposure.