Cigarette consumer behavior

since you want to do the business of consumers, naturally also need to have a more comprehensive understanding of consumers, so as to have a better marketing strategy, so that business has been better development. Cigarette is a kind of hobby. For cigarette consumers, when the consumption situation unchanged, the consumption of cigarettes is basically stable, and when the consumption situation changes, the cigarette consumption behavior will change accordingly. The following is my personal view of the four typical behavior:

one, the longer the activity, the greater the consumption of cigarettes.

the vast majority of consumers will have this experience: the rest of the time comparison of the law, his intake is stable. That is, a certain amount of cigarettes smoked in a certain period of time. And when he to get up early for a variety of reasons, the cigarette intake will increase. In addition, we are easy to find, although the different consumer habit of different sizes, but if smokers smaller consumer activity over a long period of time, may be more than one cigarette consumption in heavy smokers. In this case, we can simply sum up, "smoking is the time."". This is the most common and common phenomenon in cigarette consumption behavior.

two, the greater the cigarette inventory, the greater the consumption of cigarettes.

in our daily life, we can observe such a phenomenon: consumers in the merchandise discount promotions, often more to buy goods. The behavior of consumer goods will accelerate the speed of commodity consumption, shorten the consumption cycle, increase consumption. Cigarette consumption is also the case. When a consumer has only one carton of cigarettes in his hand, he will control the last few more; and when he has two boxes of cigarettes, the first box of cigarettes will not be too much control, usually want to suck on the suction.

three, the better the cigarette burning, the greater the consumption of cigarettes.

cigarette consumption from the statistical point of view, the current per capita sales were significantly higher than twenty years ago. The reason is very simple, because of the current increase in the scientific and technological content of cigarettes, such as expansion of technology, good combustion, a cigarette smoking time will be shortened. But "smoking is time", that is to say consumers in a day, how much time is certain, in which smoking, good burning cigarette will enable consumers to use frequency increase, which will increase the consumption.

four, the more consumers gather, the greater the consumption of cigarettes.

in daily life, we can observe a phenomenon: cigarette consumers together, smoking scenes in knots. Generally speaking, compared with the situation of the consumers alone, the more people smoking, the higher the cigarette consumption. There are two manifestations of this phenomenon:

is a gathering of people familiar with each other, such as friends, dinner party