Entrepreneurial wave swept across the country fourth times

now entrepreneurship is a hot word, I take you, you bring money, let’s start it!" This is one of the most favorite words between friends. Today, the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is, as the country continued decentralization, optimize entrepreneurial ecology, become the most vivid Chinese economic practice. "News network" from today launched a series of reports, China’s creation era, first of all, we pay attention to China ushered in the fourth entrepreneurial tide".

the confidence of entrepreneurs from the strong support of national innovation and Entrepreneurship of the last year, the state of small and medium-sized enterprise income tax reduced by half, a total of 2 million 460 thousand households Small and micro businesses, in the same year, the national decentralization and canceled 160 administrative matters involving a number of innovation and entrepreneurship. Almost every two days for small and micro enterprises loose tie. Zep interactive is a high-tech enterprises in Beijing Zhongguancun, three years ago is a college student entrepreneurial team, and now they have occupied the global sports electronic products more than half of the market share,


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