Fast food shop good what

in the eyes of many investors, although the name of the work is important, but has not caused enough attention, resulting in the shop business has been greatly affected. So, what is the name of good food? Let’s get to know each other.

1. name affect customer appetite

in the fast-food restaurant, customers buy, sell the store, on the surface, can be said to be a pure trading behavior. But if it is not so simple. Because the customer is not a robot, its purchase behavior is not mechanical movement. Customers in the purchase of food, the need for a certain analysis, identification, choose what to eat, what should not eat. And customers in the food and Beverage activities, the performance of self tasting, but in fact, in the purchase needs". This kind of need, both material needs, but also spiritual, psychological needs.

shows that the customer’s purchasing action, from beginning to end, are affected by psychological activities. In the customer’s psychological activity, cognition and judgment for the name of the restaurant, is a very important part of the. Before the meal, the customer choice will think of the name, and distinguish and judge according to the name.

2. to expand visibility

is a good name, to convey the fast-food business philosophy, which is conducive to open the market operators for their fast food restaurants, "the famous brand effect". If the food, drink good name but poor, will affect the customer’s appetite. Moreover, customers generally have such a mentality: any famous fast-food restaurant, all of its products will be good, so the good name of favorable fast food restaurants have started to promote other products sales of related products.

3. is a good name "excellent salesman"

to the fast-food restaurant market, the first message transmitted, is your name. When a customer enters a fast food restaurant, you need to receive and get a lot of information about the purchase, and the first to receive and access to information, is to provide their own products and services fast food shop name. This relationship determines the name must become a great salesman fast food "".

is a name, just as we have the same name, identification of sex is very strong, if you want to make the business of the shop is better, you need a better name. Well, if you open a fast food restaurant, would you give it a good name?