Iman Jamali will be Hungarian – New Perez is born

iman jamali The Hungarian national team finished the world championship at the 8th position. It’s not a bad result, but after the tournament Lajos Mocsai, the coach of the team had to face some bad news. Gergő Iváncsik decided, that he won’t play in the NT this year, because he isn’t satisfied with his play on the last three championships. This decision isn’t definitive, if he can regain his shape, he’ll return.Mocsai said that  there’s a big problem in the Hungarian NT. The most important players haven’t got a chance to rest because the substitutions are not in the same level, there aren’t really talented young players who can relieve the olders. That’s why it’s understandable that  players over 30 totally get tired and they can focus just on  their clubs. It’s the crab of Hungarian replacement.To supply the retiring players without strong new generation, the only solution can be the nationalization. Hungary chose this way and it’s under way the Iranian player, Iman Jamali’s nationalization. MKB Veszprém’s new left back is one of the biggest suprises in the international handball this year. He’s only 22 years old, so he can be the answer of Hungary’s problem in the left back position.TEXT: Virág Farkas ← Previous Story WCH 2013 Final placement: First ten places for European teams Next Story → Daniela Piedade is back!