11 sure signs youve got that Friday Feeling

first_img Source: rebeccaPlay: The Unofficial Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game>The Top 10 Toy Show Moments Of All Time> 9. You’re planning on getting something bold for lunchSure feck it, it’s Friday. Extra points if you eat it while browsing Just Eat to plan what to order later.10. You’ve already had three lengthy Gchat and text discussions about your plans for tonight11. You’ve said “at least it’s Friday” to your colleagues in the kitchen about five times alreadyEmbrace that Friday feeling. You’re officially half-way through the day now, and so much closer to that finish line Source: Shutterstock THE FRIDAY FEELING. We have it, you have it. Well, unless you work in retail, then you’ll have it during the week. Disregard the name, it exists.It’s easy to diagnose the feeling, here are the symptoms you should look out for.1. You got up easily by convincing yourself that you won’t have to budge tomorrow Source: Gurl2. You’ve been in work for three hours and you’ve only spent about ten minutes of it actually working3. You’re blaring your desk jams playlist to hype you up for laterWe suggest the 90s button. Source: Tumblr Source: Uproxx4. OR imagining all the sweet F. A. you’re going to indulge in once you hit the sofa5. ANYTHING will distract you, and you’re actively seeking those distractionsYou know that this was built on a Friday Source: Stormthecastle6. You’ve calculated the bare minimum you need to doOnce that’s done, you only need to LOOK like you’re working, and no one will know.center_img 7. Your colleagues have never been more interestingAfter you’ve exhausted “Any plans for the weekend?” conversation can arise around the simplest of things, such as whether it’s best to stir tea clockwise or anti-clockwise. Source: Shutterstock8. This is your Facebook feed and for once, you’re loving itlast_img