TeleNav to offer free browserbased GPS navigation

first_imgSometimes the announcements with the biggest long-term ramifications can almost go unnoticed. GPS navigation service TeleNav has announced that it will be offering a free HTML5-based voiced navigation app. While it may not have the sexiness of an Apple leak or a Galaxy Nexus release date, this can potentially be just as important.TeleNav, whose tech powers the navigation in Ford vehicles and several existing mobile apps, will be releasing the web app for free. It will be compatible with all of the major mobile platforms, and will feature voiced directions, full color maps, and automatic rerouting. In addition to the browser-based direct consumer access, the company is also releasing an API so developers can add the service to their apps.All of the major mobile app stores are saturated with navigation apps. They vary in price and quality, but the best ones generally cost $30 or more (the big exception is the excellent — and free — Google Maps navigation on Android). There are other free options, but they usually have a catch: incomplete crowd-sourced maps, freemium content, or a confusing interface.With the advent of the TeleNav HTML5 app, all of that can change. iOS users will be able to open Safari, add the web app to their homescreen, and have free turn-by-turn navigation. More importantly, third-party apps that incorporate the TeleNav API will no longer just display a list of directions to a queried location. Users will be guided to the location without even leaving the app.No release date has been set, but TeleNav says we can expect the service to launch in early 2012. Developers who want early access can sign up here.Read more at TeleNav, via PC Maglast_img