The world’s top ten brands mattress

any industry brand not only Chinese, more of the world, shopping under the current world economic integration of the people, will look for the entire industry brand. So, in the world which mattress brand good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the world’s top ten mattress brands list.

the world’s top ten brands of mattress NO.01, Emers is an international brand in recent years, mainly engaged in the development, design and production of mattress related products. And the first to put forward the concept of high-end sleep home. Elmar poetry products because of its sexual sleep experience, best-selling European and American markets. 2013 officially entered the Chinese mainland, and Chinese consumers meet.

Elmar (Emers) production base for the implementation of ISO9001 international quality management and quality assurance system. The whole company from product design, development, production, sales, service and other aspects of international management standards to achieve scientific management, standardization, standardization.

world ten big mattress brand ranking NO.02, Sealy world mattress industry king, global super five-star hotel group brand of choice, dominated the global sales champion for forty years.

world’s top ten brands of mattress NO.03, Simmons is committed to creating immortal design, made into a classic furniture. Emphasis on practical design, as early as the full consideration of your living life, every detail can meet your home tastes and requirements. Simmons products through sophisticated product testing, in line with international standards. The humanized design and strict testing standards, and has always been loved by the ingenuity, Europe, America and Asia advocate of family life.

world ten big mattress brand rankings, NO.04 Tempur-Pedic mattresses and pillows as technology in the field of sleep the biggest breakthrough Pioneer has 75 years of history, the role of a mattress is the most important thing is to provide the support she wants the body does not produce any pressure, plus the pillow right to the neck to the right support.

TEMPUR mattress and pillow function is here. They provide complete support for the body and neck by allowing the spine and joints to rest in their natural state. Your weight is evenly distributed on TEMPUR mattresses and pillows, completely free of stress, enjoying an unprecedented sense of weight loss……

world ten big mattress brand rankings, NO.05 King Koil has spanned three centuries, is the world’s leading bedding manufacturer, founded in 1898 in St Paul City, Minnesota and the United States is synonymous with high-quality, healthy and comfortable bed. By the end of 2012, KINGKOIL had more than and 40 production bases all over the world