Sina micro blog listed the major media to see

believe that playing micro-blog’s friends have found, recently became a member of their own inexplicable. In fact, this is the listing of sina benefits. Sina micro-blog on Thursday began trading on the Nasdaq stock market, listed on the first day rose 19%. Micro-blog rose driven by the linkage of the network stocks rose, the parent company Sina rose more than 6%, Youku potatoes rose by 3%, everyone online rose by 3%.

IPO IPO market has been implicated in the callback. Although micro-blog IPO listed on the first day up 19%, but its performance is not enough to make investors as cheerful as a lark.

New York Times:



although the agency said on the micro-blog website content is mainly created by a small number of users, but the total number of active users of micro-blog up to 130 million people. Compared with micro-blog, Alibaba will be more concerned about the market later this year, IPO, the reason why these Chinese companies so concerned, the reason is that they have a huge user base.

The Losangeles times: