Small brands do catering industry can go far

major brands of food and beverage companies have done well, go far, one of the key factors is the standardization of business processes. In fact, this is not only limited to well-known brands of food and beverage, even if you want to do as long as snacks, do it, small projects can be bigger. The characteristics of only Chongqing small noodles do, do good, we take a look at.


22 is just a bowl of noodle, three flavors of all, to five seats for six people……" Hot is the first Chongqing small noodles small Song "accompaniment", sounded into the national craze. Some intention to expand the small noodle shop owner is exploring the standardization process. Next, will be rolled out on the Internet selling plan, is currently screening the right vendor cooperation.

how to standardize

his day’s work starts with raw material transfer. Raw materials, including beef, pepper, pepper, etc.. 10 minutes later, the reception is over. Huang Chunwei from two to about one meter high pot, remove the cooked beef last night, and with other raw materials, to make to the stores and outlets distribution. 8 in the morning, the delivery is completed, Huang Chunwei’s work to the end of the day.

"yes, I work only about 2 hours a day." Huang Chunwei smiled and said, "the decision of the beef noodle soup is the selection of raw materials, this point I must check. And cut with, and pot noodle soup and other production processes have all achieved standardization."

well, a bowl of beef noodles is how to water production was born? Every day, Huang Chunwei after receiving, the beef into the cold water floating to the bloody. By afternoon, baidunzi master cooked beef, began to cut with. In order to ensure that each piece of beef taste the same, every Tuo beef are through weighing, slitting, cutting process to ensure that every piece of beef with around one or two. The frying master at the same time, frying powder work. In order to quantify the material as an example, every kind of materials, such as a pot of soup can be a bowl 1000, need to put 15 pounds of bean, pepper, pepper and other three pounds each. Then, that is up to 4 hours of boiled beef soup, beef flavor and basic forming.

however, at this time and not to rush to the beef and soup separately, but to make the beef in the soup soaked in a night, so more tasty. The second day, Huang Chunwei will be the raw material delivery to various stores, distribution products, including beef, raw soup and pepper, pepper and monosodium glutamate three spices.

how to operate the final seasoning is very important. The franchisee and the direct shop staff are trained." He said that in fact the beef noodles and other toppings are belongs to the generalized Chongqing small noodles, compared with at least 14 flavor condiments soup is the most important facet of narrow sense, "