Turkish journalist thinks GTA IV cheat codes were used in attempted coup

first_imgLast month, a group within Turkey’s military attempted a coup. The mutiny was ended by those loyal to the current government, and the country is still in the process of returning to normal after this crisis. Since it’s still fresh in people’s minds, reporters continue to cover the story. However, one journalist got a bit overzealous in her attempt to find a hot scoop and has unfortunately come off looking rather foolish in the process.In the video below, you can see the Turkish reporter who has rummaging through garbage, find what she thinks are secret codes the military used during its coup attempt. These are secret codes alright, but not for what the reporter believes. As anyone who plays video games can clearly see, the reporter is holding a notebook full of cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto IV.“There are some interesting notes found in the garbage which are thrown by Gulenists. The writings in this notebook look like codes for the coup. There are some codes like: health and weapon, health and armor, weather, heli, motorcycle etc. which are things that can be used in a coup,” said the reporter, via a rough translation from a Reddit thread.While there are fans of the Grand Theft Auto series in Turkey, it appears that this reporter, and those who helped put the story together, are not. We obviously won’t make light of the coup attempt, but things may have gone differently if the military was actually able to use these cheat codes in real life.last_img