Want to start a business five years to become millionaires just need to point to 6

venture. Sounds a little inconceivable, in fact, is easy to succeed in business, the following Xiaobian to introduce 6   and there will be quite a big help for business friends, can not see!

this method because of the movie "gone with the wind" in Hao Sijia the house drapes a green skirt beautiful, then go to see this scene named Bai Ruide. By experts as a model for successful investment in female entrepreneurship.

side example: two years ago there was a single white-collar workers asked me, she has a balance of twenty thousand yuan, the investment of what. I knew she was asking me what to invest in. But my advice to her is to invest in yourself and marry a rich friend. And introduced her to the modern lady devil training camp training for a year, the cost is just twenty thousand. (No. three in the Bund a few days ago to see her, she has been with the "millionaire" called Shanghai last lady)

second strokes: the book of gold mining method

is reading book can be performed whenever and wherever possible. The accumulation of knowledge can greatly improve the friend’s ability to judge and act efficiency, judgment can win time for action, "time is money"

>: probability of success