Wuhan roast duck to remember Pierre

remember our school every weekend about roommate will buy a bag when shopping must taste duck walking and eating, the taste is delicious, duck, spicy and delicious, let a person remember spicy fun, Wuhan roast duck Pierre join, production methods were elegant, rigorous, strong taste of foot chasing the countless, lead a person to endless aftertastes, and unlimited prospects. The investment is the investment market hot food items! Remember to join Wuhan Pierre, Seiko secret agents, bring the real brand food, standardized operation, quality assurance, franchisee success more quickly and more easily.

remember roast duck neck Pierre joining conditions:

1, legal person, natural person or other organization;

2, in good health, with the intention to operate the orcs turning small hot pot will;

3, Wuhan roast duck neck to remember Pierre should have good morals, social identity and universal moral values.

4, familiar with the local market environment and consumer demand;

5, with good business reputation and character;

6, Wuhan was Pierre Roasted Duck neck should have a good commercial reputation, strong interpersonal communication ability, financial management ability.

remember roast duck neck Pierre join advantage:

1, decoration design

remember Pierre roast duck neck shop decoration design by the headquarters of the unified design. Agents at all levels to provide shop floor plan, commissioned by the headquarters of cooperative design company.

2, device

business equipment headquarters will provide a complete set of equipment, the equipment will be listed on the brand, model and price, by the agent to buy their own. Remember to roast duck Pierre? Agents must be in accordance with the procurement of equipment list, it shall not change the brand and model without authorization.

3, raw material

is divided into general raw materials, it is recommended in the local procurement.

special raw materials must be purchased at the headquarters, agents may not be used to replace other brands of raw materials.

4, marketing activities and advertising

headquarters unified promotional activities, agents must participate in

remember how to roast duck > Pierre