Store holiday management also need to pay attention to safety precautions

During the holiday season, the store traffic is very large, many shopkeepers want to do a lot of business, but ignored the security issues, resulting in the operation of the store was hampered by

. In fact, in daily life, we all want to live in an era of a peaceful and prosperous time. Doors are unbolted at night.. But this is only a beautiful dream, in real life, a thief is everywhere, especially in the Spring Festival this commodity sales peak, and stores the special moment People are hurrying to and fro. During the festival, only hold the fruits of labor, hard earned money to really put into his own pocket.

people often say "towards the fire, a little every day Fangzei this saying is not false, although the Spring Festival is the peak sales period, a lot of silver catch moments, but also the big thief thief when ready to, once accidentally, you have to do business, from early to late to engage in business is to help others in the number" the money". Therefore, during the holiday season, we retail customers not only to prepare for the holiday sales, but also to take out the festive precautions.

The new supermarket in

Gaogou bus station, the holiday season sales booming, especially the Spring Festival this year in the golden season, is a large passenger flow increase. According to supermarket boss Guo Zhengjian told the author. In the past, due to a lack of supermarket management personnel, sales peak, will show some loss of care, shortage of ills. The station of this place, but the population is the most complicated place all over the country, people will back and forth from here.


, each to the sales peak during the Spring Festival, because of the shortage of manpower, the customer is taken pilfering goods, every day thousands of yuan, can be said to be disastrous. This year, in order to meet the arrival of the Spring Festival this year, the supermarket, in addition to the installation of monitoring, by the person responsible for the custody, but also increased the management of the supermarket, and strive to do more than two people per tunnel.

this is not only conducive to the timely goods by work, but also play the role of supervision. At the same time, to counter the reported loss and related management personnel wages in the form of Guangxi hook, through such initiatives, now the supermarket stock every day after the reported loss rate is less than the previous 5%, not only make the store atmosphere effectively in harmony, but also greatly improve the safety of goods.

holiday sales for our retail customers, you can have a pair of eye, long stay an eye, to prevent the stolen goods company, to manage the inventory of goods. For the sales peak during the Spring Festival, our retail customers will reserve a large number of new goods. Therefore, in the process of commodity management, should frequently check and turn the stack, prevent some short shelf life or festive goods have been artificially backlog of losses.

at the same time, because the festival reserves more goods, sales of funds, we should pay attention to the management of funds and goods safety, especially