What are the causes of catering business

when it comes to entrepreneurship, and now many people think of the march into the food and beverage industry, after all, food can be said that everyone needs, as long as people love food, seemingly unemployed. However, is this really the case? In fact, if it is a layman to start doing catering business, the failure rate is very high. So, what are the food and beverage industry to do?

first, blind self-confidence, no experience to prepare

many entrepreneurs are the beginning of the business, there is no experience, but decided to start the business must make plans to investigate the market analysis industry. Opportunity is for those who are prepared.

some people see the roadside stalls is relatively easy to do, and then do a market survey simple, bought equipment practice for a long time, even dare not good egg fried chutan. The best is fearless, bluntly is blind. How many open restaurant is to know how to cook? Or do the service industry? No, most of them are in a cavity.

two, dream of sweeping, did not start to make money

a lot of food and beverage entrepreneurs are more impetuous, they choose the food and beverage industry is the reason: low threshold, less investment, money back quickly! Most of them are impetuous, dream of sweeping, this month, next month will be able to return. Quick result, keep the fear of failure.

most catering entrepreneurs have many ideas, but once in the process of implementation problems encountered on the back, even thinking about another way to take a shortcut.

three, the wrong direction, do nothing in vain

see what is easy to do, what to see what to make money, it is understandable. But blindly follow the trend of rash, do not understand the market, understand the customer, the result is terrible.

, for example, your restaurant is obviously bad food, you are crazy to catch the service, useful? Wrong direction, how hard is futile.

four, ambitious, but

most young catering entrepreneurs, ambitious mind, also want to pursue a career. How many stores open a year, how much financing a store, think a lot, the plan is perfect. But to do it, the restaurant’s location is not good, decoration spent too much money, but the kitchen design are not practical and so on.

marketing plan to do a lot, but the real implementation is not. Can only look at the shop more and more deserted, closed slightly.

five, the error with trust, recommendation