Xiamen QingChuang base to help Taiwan youth entrepreneurship entrepreneurial success

Bring a good platform for

Xiamen QingChuang base for young entrepreneurs in Taiwan very much, this platform can help entrepreneurs to "save money", "money", "financial money", the beginning of a good platform is successful!

"Red Net" in the mainland is a hot word, is referred to as network reds. Why should the Taiwan "Red Net" to the mainland "red", the company’s publicity director Han Yu said: the mainland market is concise and to the point can not be compared to Taiwan.

", the market is very large, the same is the reason of Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurs to create entrepreneurial base Cang pei. In the design of her and her husband moved to Xiamen venture, is to Taiwan and the mainland market, the combination of design aesthetics.

The base

save money from Haicang District and Xiamen free trade area management policy subsidies. Chen Jieti, just last week and many enterprises in the base, received a "real money" — the office space rent subsidies and rent subsidies for employees. Han Yu said that for the start-up companies, this subsidy can effectively reduce operating costs, the money to spend the most needed place to go.

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