The pork selling fake beef fine industrial salt added bracket

Black Pork butcher selling fake bracket, and sold to many. Anhui police recently cracked a case of manufacturing and selling fake beef, the couple have fake beef from a profit of over $90 thousand.

According to reports from

2015 in June, Mingguang City Public Security Bureau police brigade received a report reflecting the Pan Village Street farmers market Hua Moumou beef with pork sales, Kengpian consumers. This caused the Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Public Security Bureau Ma Jun, deputy director of the Chinese government attaches great importance to the order immediately set up a task force to combat the case, the order of the Public Security Bureau, Ni Yuxin. Police brigade police task force repeatedly into the Pan Village secret investigation Mopai clues, information collection, information analysis, collision, unraveling from the mass of information. After two months of investigation, a production, beef to pork sales dens gradually surfaced. The time is ripe, decided to close the net.

10 28 July, police brigade in market supervision and Management Bureau, the police station with Hanmura divided into three groups to carry out raids, every Duandiao hiding in the Pan Village streets and the production and sale of fake beef dens.

group in the Pan Village farmers market scene and arrested is selling fake beef Hua Moumou, seized on the spot disguised as a false bracket leg of pork and other items, a group in the Pan Village streets China home and seized the cold disguised as a false bracket leg of pork 7, pickled pork into the water, making a good fake beef offal and some fake beef, wire, surgical needle, drill, white, carmine, sodium benzoate, gelatin, industrial salt, nitrate, beef extract and a number of tools of crime and the production of fake beef raw materials. Another group seized Hu Moumou day dragged Liu Xiang sales a false bracket, fake beef offal, fake beef three baskets. Market supervision and Administration Bureau on the spot sampling sent to the relevant departments for inspection.