Gui Dawei’s retail perception

will embark on the retail Road, each person’s starting point will be different, the experience will naturally be different. The 40 year old GUI David, has 20 years of retail experience. When talking about his reasons for choosing retail business activities, Guangxi David finally tell the reason about to speak, but saying nothing. Guangxi David 18 years is read three, retail business in the purchase way unfortunate father suddenly encountered a car accident, although the hospital to rescue, eventually passed away.

when his father was head and very active, in the full vigour of life, the village is the first to open retail stores, home stores in the father a few years of painstaking efforts have begun to take shape, the business is very good. When they catch up with how to do the retail store natural calamities and man-made misfortunes,? GUI Dawei is the eldest son, he proposed his own retail store for his brother, sister reading. The mother is reluctant about the college entrance examination of Guangxi David dropped out of school, but his mother has the body sick, unable to retail business, eventually opposite reality.

1993 April, Guangxi David officially embarked on the road of his retail business. If the original choice of retail is a kind of chance, but also a kind of helpless, so after more than and 20 years of retail experience, Guangxi and David had the choice to not regret. In his words, "the choice of retail, no regrets." In the 20 years of retail career, David Guangxi learning many, know how many, many are feeling.

one, learn a lot in retail business.

in the 20 years of retail practice, Guangxi David learned a lot of knowledge, especially how to improve the knowledge and skills related to the retail business. To make their business a long run, we must first adhere to the integrity of management. Good faith is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation, but also the life of the people, but also the way of retail management.


strict product into the purchase, quality, ensure that the interests of customers, all the goods are priced to let customers shopping, clearly, as clear as noonday consumption. On time to honor the promise to customers, never betray customers. For what he can do, or through hard work can be done, he solemnly promised, otherwise they do not promise, so as not to discredit. Once put down the things to do everything possible to do, never compromised.

then retailers want to study actively, diligent accumulation. There are a lot of ways and means to learn, learn from the Internet, learn from the media, learn from the customer and learn from the customer manager. By learning to understand the dynamics of the retail front, grasp the management skills, explore and summarize the wisdom of retail emergency handling, you can also accumulate knowledge of safe retail.


first started his business, he was most afraid of anyone suspected of selling cigarettes and wondering how to explain to customers. So he asked the client manager with an open mind