How to attract customers to the cosmetics store layout

cosmetics industry is now developing momentum, open a cosmetics store is good. However, for the novice, the cosmetics store is not easy to open, the layout of the product will have a lot of knowledge. How can the layout of the cosmetics store attract customers? Appropriate decoration and layout is necessary, then the editor to share with you about the details of the layout of the cosmetics store.


1), the basic layout


A, import and export (easy + long)

key points of entrance layout is easy, which is easy to enter + for a long time, not out, the residence time is long. The entrance should be spacious and convenient, at the outlet of a small number of remote. To consider the store business area, traffic, location, business characteristics and safety management and other factors. Larger shopping malls should be more than a number of entrances and exits to facilitate customer access, smooth passenger flow. As far as possible at the entrance to the design of the stairs, so rainy days, it is difficult to enter.

B, channel (lead + Chang)

"lead" refers to the guide, to guide consumers to make them easy to store each


"free" refers to the smooth channel should be wide enough, the narrowest place should be two people coming to more easily stagger

C, shelf combination

shelf combination section design, space refers to the various parts of shopping malls in the storage, display and sale of goods. The business area. The distribution form of slotting straight, inclined and curve type three.

D, ad

advertising also known as POP (PointofPurchaseAdvertising), refers to the place to buy, shop around, entrance, and local internal commodity setting advertising. It has a strong visual effect, can stimulate the desire of consumers to buy, but also has the characteristics of low cost, direct and effective, is a major retail sales promotion tools.

E, cashier design (Czech + Shu)

"Jie" fast, even to buy customer checkout.

"Shu" to let consumers feel comfortable.

A survey shows that the arc of the

F, the back design ($/ joint)

The area ratio of