A good idea for college students to start their summer vacation

summer vacation began, the brains of students who do not play games at home to sleep, but think of entrepreneurial ideas, but students not much money, do not have much experience in addition to stall, fast food and other traditional forms, college students entrepreneurship practice summer what new ideas? Xiamen University road just to undertake sponsored by Xiamen Unicom new brochure — Campus pages, current team building has been completed, the team members will take to the streets pulling ads. His purpose is not just for China Unicom to work to earn a little money so simple, want to exercise through the project members, building a team of its own sales team".

The students no longer have the entrepreneurial practice as exercise eloquence and ability so simple

"." Associate professor of China Youth University for Political Science, the International Labour Organization KAB entrepreneurship education project Senior Trainer Liu Fan think, understand the market, exercise ability in practical business practice in summer, so as to cultivate the prospective development of the industry, will change the practice of short-term entrepreneurship long-term business planning preparation, it is worth it.

lasting summer to prepare for

businessThe road is just

campus around the school is to provide business information pages for the new manual, businesses rely on advertising to make money, divided into electronic digital products, training and examination, entertainment and daily activities in 4 sections, "finally, everyone can earn three thousand or four thousand yuan." Not just to make money by not seriously, he has his own career, he wanted to pull through this advertisement to exercise their own sales team and advocacy group, "my company is lack of this kind of talent", on the other hand also to the accumulation of contacts, to lay the foundation for financing.

use practice to start the summer to fight a protracted war, can be more than just a road. Xu Yuanyuan of Xiamen University grade 2008 undergraduate has been busy recently. Summer is his online acquisition of second-hand Bookstores "good raw materials", "graduate students have a lot of books to sell, after examination, Ma Zhe, repair and history textbooks keep useless, we have to sell." These second-hand book is the next mentees who need.