Shenzhen housing prices in June average price of 61 thousand and 800 per square metre

prices in this year ushered in a frenzied growth phenomenon, not only in some second tier cities, the growth of crazy prices in the same tier cities in the form of hot, soaring prices in the wild! So, what is the price of Shenzhen in June? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

recently, Shenzhen City Planning Commission announced in June the housing transaction data, 2016 June, Shenzhen city’s residential sales 3253 units, closing an area of 346 thousand and 500 square meters, the average transaction price of 61756 yuan / square meters, the average price last month rose 10.6%, up 101% over the same period last year.

according to the inspection data, June, Shenzhen commercial housing (including residential, commercial, office buildings and other types) total turnover of 4566 units, closing an area of 480 thousand and 700 square meters, of which 991 sets of transactions, commercial office building of 132 sets of transactions, turnover of 190 sets of other types.

commercial housing, 144 square meters of housing a total turnover of 427 sets, the total turnover accounted for 13.13% of the number of transactions, a total area of 93 thousand and 100 square meters, accounting for 26.88% of the total turnover of the area, the average transaction price reached 94296 yuan / square meters, pulled the whole transaction price.

in addition, 90 square meters apartment layout in June 2310 sets of transactions, the total turnover of 71.01% units, closing an area of 190 thousand and 300 square meters, accounting for 54.91% of the total turnover of the area, the average transaction price of 49013 yuan / square meters; 90~144 square meters apartment layout a total turnover of 516 sets, the total turnover of 15.86% units, closing an area of 63 thousand and 100 square meters, the total turnover of 18.21% of the area, the price 52160 yuan / square meters.

and the end of June, Shenzhen residential houses can be sold only 38161 units, salable area of only 4 million 200 thousand and 500 square meters.

it is understood that in June from Shenzhen new deal, peninsula city, Shenzhen Bay mansion, Swan Lake Garden, high-end real estate has certain effect on elevating the average price in June, most of the real estate price is basically the same as before. Analysis of the industry, due to the impact of the current property market regulation policy in Shenzhen, the enthusiasm of the customer market is weak, the higher the sensitivity of prices, the market is still relatively strong wait-and-see atmosphere.

in addition to second-hand housing, Shenzhen in June a total of 403 thousand and 400 square meters of second-hand residential turnover, turnover of 4732 sets. In addition, the month of 472 sets of commercial transactions, office turnover of 93 units, other types of products traded in the set of 120, together with residential, the city’s total turnover of the stock room of 489 thousand and 600 square meters, a total of 5417 sets.

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