What are the effects of bad names

it is well known that the shop has a good name for the late development of the store will have a different influence. Therefore, any one of the investors want the name of the shop can be an ideal name, rather than a bad name, after all, bad name for the development of the store will have an unusual influence. So what are the effects of bad names?

is the future of the brand management era, brand competitiveness is the core competitiveness of enterprises the most durable, most common problem in the enterprise market is only focused on the product brand, the product is easy to be copied, reproduced, the brand only belongs to an enterprise. In the fierce market environment force, enterprises have to make brand assets upgrade to an important position, to enhance brand awareness, brand awareness and perceived quality to customer loyalty degree, link to distinctive brand personality essential in market competition.

who did not expect, a parent-child reality show, "" Daddy where there is no sign of the suddenly hot, the way to the ratings break 3, beat before 2013 October many variety show, Hunan satellite TV has become true for turning. "Daddy where to go to" stir fry the red and white theme, then there are many file star parent-child programs get together screen, "life for the first time" "I guess my baby" "transformation bear child" and so on.

although the theme is the same type, the audience interested in star parenting programs gorgeous warming, but "life first" ratings is very difficult and "daddy go" ratings flush, "named" the first life for the first time is too general, not like, the name and the actual program is not consistent, more easily the misunderstanding of these adorable baby is growing in psychological fetters. The Daddy where is easy to understand, the program is the content of the father with Meng baby travel experience, Meng baby on the outside world curious angle leads to: Dad, where to go? More attractive.

an accurate brand positioning is the core of market positioning and focus on performance, "the first time" imitation, plagiarism, there is no perfect brand strategy and business strategy is undoubtedly not what broken future, than in the absence of precise brand positioning under the guidance of the development of brand recognition more wasteful and more destructive. So, the enterprise is absolutely not only care about the short-term interests of the blind occasion named.

Xiao Bian believes that in addition to the target market positioning in the strong market demand, also need to consider the needs of the market is the market demand or market full of desire, the enterprise’s unique brand personality, like Libin’s brand personality determines the image of Libin, what needs to be expanded.

, however, now the brand naming strategy is not only the name of a product, actually "brand name" is a complex thinking process, is the beginning of the brand positioning precision of an enterprise, "brand name" is the market.