The 17 year sales revenue 27 trillion huge amounts of money to a mystery

according to the latest report shows that the 17 years around the land sales revenue reached 27 trillion yuan, but this huge account whereabouts a mystery, the use of funds released little information, people questioned the maoni.

1999 years in seventeen years, can be described as the history of China’s most rapid land capitalization era, the national land transfer revenue of about $27 trillion and 290 billion, an average of $1 trillion and 600 billion per year in.

in January 29th this year, the Ministry of Finance issued the "2015 fiscal expenditure shows that from 2015 1 to December, the national state-owned land use right transfer income 32547 yuan, down 884 billion yuan, down 21.4%.

2015 land transfer revenue decline, the direct cause is the weakness of the first tier cities in the property market sales, developers thus reducing the spending. But the first tier cities in the land market is still hot, such as Beijing 2015 land transfer revenue reached 198 billion 300 million yuan, a record high again.

however, for a huge amount of land revenue to use, because few city government open to the public, the public is difficult to know. In recent years, there have been frequent government officials involved in corruption in the land transfer link, the land of money has been the existence of regulatory controversy.

2008 direct impact on the property market regulation of the land market, when the national land transfer revenue of about 960 billion yuan, down by 20%. But in 2009 the property market suddenly turned to the land market, the King appeared, when the national land revenue increased to about 1 trillion and 590 billion yuan. And by 2010, this data has soared as the property market soared to 2 trillion and 710 billion yuan.

2011 China’s land leasing income of more than 3 trillion and 150 billion yuan. After three years of data were respectively $28886 billion, 41250 billion and $42940 billion.

the income of local government is not completely pure income, compensation and other costs of landless peasants but also to eliminate in the process of land expropriation. However, the industry specially recommended