Starting 30 thousand yuan in to start this summer

the weather is warm, the golden season of "cold" business industry is coming. A successful ice cream store, the day’s turnover is generally more than 3000 yuan, the profit is considerable, as part of the entrepreneurs to become rich shortcut".

utilities 300 yuan

40007000 yuan gross profit

, Winfrey gelato

, Winfrey gelato floating ice, "fixed store + ice flow, cold drinks, desserts, meals, food and other Western-style food in one, the production of Italy flavor ice cream, ice cream, ice, tea variety, fried chicken wings, chicken, bean porridge noodles, not only the summer business Changhong, the rest of the season every day to earn money.

QQ jelly ice cream

QQ jelly ice cream fully combines features of jelly and ice cream, pure natural seaweed crystal, more rich in vitamins, vitamin needed at the same time to supplement the human body, can promote collagen synthesis, improve the body immunity, also has whitening pale spot, beauty and other effects. 200 ml of juice in the price of about $1, QQ jelly ice cream can be sold the same volume of 4-5 yuan, while the cost of the two is almost the same.

Three ice cream brand