How can a franchise first step

franchise industry organizations, there are many scams, natural risks are not small. So that the risk of joining the industry super low friends please adjust the good mentality to start again. Entrepreneurship is the process to keep a record of the experience, and join the chain must take a good first step.


however, although there are a lot of mature franchise system has franchise management experience, and has a certain brand awareness, but this does not mean you choose it will easily succeed even if it is a very successful franchise system there will be a lot of the failure of the franchisees.

I will choose the franchise system according to the standard procedure. One explanation, hoping to help readers evaluate and select a suitable system for your own franchise.

SWOT analysis is to find out: with this franchise opportunity, you have the advantages and disadvantages of (Strength) (Weakness), and control the external environment and the mode of franchise opportunities and threats (Opportunity) (Threat), see if you can avoid weaknesses.

the following simple lists of potential opportunities to join the franchise system may be created for you and the threat, at the same time, are recommended