How to do a good job in fashion jewelry store location

fashion jewelry store location is very important, as long as the right location, you can easily start investment business. Many franchisees are not very familiar with how the site, if you are interested in this issue can be a lot of reference to the relevant recommendations, I hope to help you start a business.

mentioned location, Miss Chen is very effective. She said the site to remember, "passengers" is "revenue", will choose the position of the shop is relatively concentrated in the flow of the business district, although there will be rent, the pressure of competition and distress, but the shops are concentrated position, but is conducive to the accumulation of popularity, cannot because these worry and choose shops in remote areas, the result can only be The loss outweighs the gain.

the so-called "values", refers to the seat of the shop as the center, around the circular consumption area extends to a certain distance by the formation of. Business generally includes three types: the first commercial core area is located in the city, the place of business is very developed, due to higher visibility, can attract the attention of different regions, different levels of consumers; second generally refers to the regional business office or the Development Zone, it is suitable for young people in fashion the cusp of the third; mainly distributed in large and medium-sized communities nearby, for the crowd is mainly the residents of the community.

the jewelry to join the company, general cargo sales are usually subject to certain restrictions on the geographical scope, is also the goods generally has a relatively stable business circle, especially in the jewelry industry. Because of the different types of goods, terrain and geographical scenery, business scale, traffic conditions and the level of the customer, the shape and scale of the business district are very different. Therefore, small jewelry boutique in the shop location, usually according to the specific situation, determine the appropriate values, thus the correct address to store location.