Alibaba 1688 imported supply platform the first stop in Zhengzhou curtain

in order to promote economic development, countries have made a lot of policy change, experimentation area, cross-border e-commerce currently set up many highlights for the economic development, is of great significance to China economic development and regional economic development in the future.

4 26, "The Belt and Road 1688 Alibaba (Zhengzhou) import sourcing platform" national cooperation ceremony held in Zhengzhou, the provincial Party committee, Zhengzhou mayor Ma Yi, vice governor Zhao Jiancai, Alibaba group vice president Ren Geng attended the launching ceremony of cooperation.

according to the introduction, in the country "The Belt and Road" strategy background, Zhengzhou city is the first station of Alibaba 1688 import sourcing platform ", the next will be in Xi’an, Luoyang, Quanzhou City, the layout of the site, and ultimately the cross-border electricity supplier of the platform" The Belt and Road along the city full coverage.

the starting ceremony, Zhengzhou economic and Technological Development Zone and the Alibaba (Chinese) Network Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement; Henan Province imported goods bonded center group and Henan lovechen Network Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement; Henan lovechen Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Henan Kai bonded trading company signed a settled agreement. Earlier this month, China’s formal implementation of the new tax policy of cross-border retail electricity supplier of imports, in accordance with the "cooperation agreement", by China (Zhengzhou) where the core area of Comprehensive Experimental Zone of cross-border electronic commerce in Zhengzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, expand strategic cooperation with three parties in the context of the new deal, in the "1688 (Zhengzhou) import sourcing platform" engaged in the import business in the import goods "and" Warehouse Clearance "operation platform" three aspects to provide policy support.

Zhengzhou is the State Council approved the establishment of one of the 13 comprehensive test area of cross-border e-commerce in China, has a unique advantage in the development of cross-border e-commerce. Alibaba group’s 1688 import sourcing platform, provide product selection, customs clearance, customs business guidance and services for small and medium-sized enterprises overseas. This cooperation, overseas enterprises supply can easily enter the Henan market, Henan is also the enterprise resources out of the country, industrial scale and cluster development so as to realize the Zhengzhou comprehensive experimental area of cross-border business electricity supplier.

in the face of economic development, as the children of China, we are proud of every progress of the motherland. We hope that the country can bring a new spring for economic development, for the motherland rich, strong and prosperous constantly inject new vitality.

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