2016 college entrance examination should be aware of what should be parallel voluntary

now in 2016 the college entrance examination candidates who are already well known for his achievements, do better than most of the time to fill, this time you need to master more students to the college entrance examination on related matters. Today, the small series for the 2016 college entrance examination candidates to explain what should be aware of the issue of parallel voluntary.

What are the rules and characteristics of the

1. parallel voluntary Toudang?

parallel voluntary Toudang rule is to score first, followed by voluntary, once Toudang, no longer make". Parallel voluntary Toudang has three characteristics, one is the admission of each batch of each stage of colleges, the college entrance examination score high score candidates prior to low Toudang candidates; two is the order of each several volunteer colleges in parallel voluntary institutions is the order of the computer, according to Toudang volunteer order students admitted to universities in order to fill three is the implementation of parallel search; "the simulation, once Toudang Toudang, not added.

admission, the first computer system of the same type and the corresponding batch admission control scores online eligible candidates in the college entrance examination scores (including care policy) from high to low ranking; then from the start in the first ranking of the candidates, in order to retrieve several volunteer candidates to fill each college; if one of the candidates to meet the above colleges Toudang conditions, the electronic archives candidates into rank in the colleges and universities; if the examinee only conforms to one of the institutions Toudang Toudang conditions, will be to the college.

from the Toudang parallel voluntary rules can be seen, the choice of candidates in colleges volunteer, you can have multiple choices, but in accordance with the principle of fairness, in a batch or a stage in the admissions process, only a Toudang chance, once the candidates of electronic archives are cast, the computer system is no longer the retrieval of students other colleges volunteer.

computer system once all institutions cast candidates file later, such as candidates for physical conditions, the professional does not meet the admission requirements and colleges is returned, the electronic files are no longer on this batch of candidates or the stage of other parallel voluntary institutions, namely the parallel voluntary Toudang not supplement.

2. parallel voluntary Toudang, what is the candidates with the Toudang rules?

when the number of candidates, the college entrance examination scores (including the same care policy) scores but not at the same time, sort of computer system to Toudang arts, in the order specified subjects score will score the same candidates (and similar candidates sort of subjects were "language, mathematics, integrated arts, foreign language, science and technology are similar the candidates are" sort of subject language, mathematics, integrated science, foreign language "), then according to the candidates from the sort order, in order to retrieve volunteer candidates.