Five wedding Brand Company first know

want to do some of the more distinctive wealth business, wedding company how? Now young people attach great importance to the wedding, so the wedding company ushered in the development of the market in the spring. Xiao Bian recommend five wedding Brand Company for investors reference.

A, V2 wedding photography

v2 Vision Photography Group set up in June 2004 by the V2 visual wedding photography agency location evolution, has become the domestic top photography team, first-class photography base, is also a multi brand multi cultural enterprises.

v2 is the earliest wedding photography Chinese exclusive wedding photography services enterprises, a new concept of tourism wedding photography, wedding to form a different phenomenon. This concept set off a big change in the trend of marriage, wedding photography wedding time to become a new choice of marriage.

two, true love tour wedding photography

three, meiheng wedding

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meiheng wedding uphold listen to each couple desires and dreams, in the avant-garde ideas and conservative recommendation