Hangzhou history of the first billion plots appear

scarcity of land resources, as well as the important geographical location of land, determine its price. At present, the history of the first billion plots in Hangzhou, the specific situation is how? Let’s look at the specific reports!

5 27 afternoon, Hangzhou Binjiang District Olympic unit block is Vanke XinDa combination of the total price of 12 billion 318 million yuan, the floor price of 21575.78 yuan / square meter competing, the premium rate is 95.95%.

surging news (www.thepaper.cn) to obtain the latest news said, after with the land, Vanke and XinDa two party disagreements. Although the price is a combination of the way, but in a bid is a party in the XinDa offer. In the final took the land, Vanke decided to withdraw from cooperation. The source said, at present in the XinDa and financial letter to discuss cooperation things, but has not been finally determined whether two cooperation.

data show that the launch of the Binjiang District Olympic site by MU-01, MU-02, MU-03 of three cases of sub plots, the initial sale price is 6 billion 286 million 390 thousand yuan, equivalent to the floor price of 11011 yuan / square meter. Four areas: Dongzhi seven a river, South to sail west road, Maple Road, Olympic Sports Center Stadium, the main Olympic stadium to the north, at the Olympic Expo City core area.


plots attracted all real estate, Xu Hui, Greentown, green Metro Federation, China Merchants Association, Yuexiu metro, Shimao, KWG, Taihe, Binjiang Ping An association, poly, Vanke XinDa consortium, SUNAC, Longhu, Biguiyuan, Huarun, rosan a total of 17 enterprises to participate in.

plots for the double subway on the property, transfer documents require developers to build on behalf of the Metro Line 6, line 7 Civil Engineering, with the construction of the subway control center. This plot a total transfer area of 157 thousand and 800 square meters, with a total construction area of up to 570 thousand and 900 square meters.


MU-01 covers an area of 42 thousand and 900 square meters, excluding the dispatch center and the subway control center allocation of land area, land use for residential, commercial, land compatible business, public transport stations, parking lot and other social traffic facilities, can be built on a building area of 141 thousand and 700 square meters (excluding 4000 square meters of the dispatch center 25000 square meters, the subway control center); MU-02 covers an area of 72 thousand square meters for residential, commercial and business compatibility, can be built on a building area of 266 thousand and 600 square meters; MU-03 covers an area of 42 thousand and 800 square meters, for commercial and business compatibility, can be built on a building area of 162 thousand and 700 square meters.

it is worth mentioning that this land is not a simple commercial projects. Some analysts believe that the recommended