Counterparts do not have to fight a price war can also be booming business

said that peers, a lot of people can be a direct understanding of the people. Indeed, for the current market is so fierce competition, the peer is not a worry, but in order to make the shop business is booming, many shops are directly taken to fight the price war business strategy. "I opened a supermarket opposite, this business how to do ah?" Hear the complaints of the villagers, really worried about her.

on the street so many fixed consumer groups, the new increase in the number of peers is bound to be part of the villagers. Coupled with the villagers have set up shop for a few years, the shop outside the renovation of aging, store shelves obsolete, goods are not as good as the newly opened shop. Many customers will choose to go to the store to see fresh, relatively, but the villagers at a disadvantage. However, they are reasonable and legitimate business, you are not qualified to let people do not shop ah.

complained about the complaint, the business has to continue to do. Well shopping villagers had a competition – first price war. While the opening of new stores before their first promotion, let consumers, but also to store the equivalent counterparts a run. With this idea, the villagers began to implement the program. From the market pull back a big oil rice milk egg and other daily necessities, all according to purchase price sales. Also called home brothers and sisters to help engage in promotional.

was quite successful promotion It is as expected. Villagers in front of the crowd crowded, quite popular. The new store and desolate scene in stark contrast. Wait until the opening of new stores, estimated around the crowd has bought a lot of things to go home, even if he can’t believe there will be a promotion, what efforts. Fellow with the determination to continue to go on, and then again to the market, pulled back a car and a car.

because of the promotion business is particularly prosperous, need a lot of manpower and material resources, a few days down the villagers exhausted. But in addition to earn popularity, their promotional merchandise without a penny of profit. With the customer to buy almost, continue also not necessary, and if they are under the capital, not because of fear of competition on the move, the promotion after all could not fight a protracted war, the business also have to keep doing it. Fellow slowly lost interest in continuing to feel like this price war to disrupt the market, it is better to work from the service and other aspects, and competitors to a legitimate competition.

so what can we do to improve their quality of service, without price war can win customers to patronize it? I think we can work from the following points.

first to win the respect of customers with a good image. Store image is the first impression to customers. Unique decoration, eye-catching logo, eye-catching window advertising, display of goods is a superb collection of beautiful things astepping-stone to success attract consumer. In addition to these, personal image is also key. As a shopkeeper, not only have a certain external image, but also should have a certain internal >