How to deal with the illegal dumping of garbage in Taihu in Shanghai

In the previous period of time, there are reports related to the dumping of garbage in Taihu, the time was reported in the past few months, the progress of the case of how to do it?

Here we do a simple tracking. 22, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (referred to as "the Supreme People’s Procuratorate") announced the "Shanghai illegal dumping of garbage in Taihu" case of the latest progress. At present, Jiangsu province prosecutors have arrested 5 suspects in accordance with the law, which contains 2 due to alleged dereliction of duty in the Jiangsu province Taihu forced isolation treatment staff. According to the dumping ground, Jinting town government staff of the office of the local ecological, as it has been restored.

in late June of this year, a large number of Shanghai buildings and life all kinds of garbage is dumped in the Jiangsu city of Suzhou Province in the Xishan Island Jinting town. Dumping garbage pit in Taihu forced isolation treatment range, distance Jinting town water intake straight-line distance of only 2 kilometers, adjacent to Taihu Temple (Wuzhong District Industrial Park) water intake. Once the water pollution spread, will seriously affect the safety of drinking water throughout the city of Suzhou.

Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Resort Administrative Committee issued a notice after the announcement, the dumping of garbage was as high as 12 thousand tons, and another $4000 is still in the future and dumping.

Beijing 22 reporter contacted the kanaba town government, understand the Xishan island environment restoration. A staff member of the town government office said that after nearly two months of environmental remediation, dumping ground has been completed. The local environment has also been restored before dumping, the environment is even better than before".

after the incident, Jinting town government also organized a routine patrol work, beware of dumping such incidents from happening again. But since then no more ships have been stolen".

8 24, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of environmental protection, three departments jointly issued a notice, request to include "Shanghai Suzhou Taihu Xishan Island garbage illegal dumping case", two supervise the handling of cases of environmental pollution. Previously, there are 19 related suspects have been arrested.

according to the Suzhou Wuzhong District Procuratorate, Lu Moumou suspects and shareholders in Jiangsu province and no surname Wang Taihu forced isolation treatment agreement or agreement under the condition of solid waste steal down a total of 23336.3 tons, the main components of the solid waste is construction waste and garbage, garbage is mixed with solid waste containing harmful substances that caused serious pollution to the surrounding ecological environment.

day before, Wuzhong District Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of polluting the environment of Lu Moumou, surname Wang made the decision to approve the arrest. At the same time, the suspect Moumou because of fiction and the Jiangsu province Taihu forced isolation treatment recommended