Chongqing Bang Bang chicken catering to join a good choice

Xiaobian feel delicious food can not only give consumers a wonderful taste experience, but also to give consumers the ultimate enjoyment of physical and mental. This should be the spirit of food production. Like every story in the late night canteen.

Chongqing special snack Bang Bang chicken legend catering franchise market darling. We all can not resist the delicious diet, after all, this diet gives us a feeling is very good. Eat a good diet, everyone’s mood will become very beautiful. Special snack Bang Bang chicken legend for everyone to build a different taste of food which let you eat the meat, a new feeling, let everyone eat a good mood


we have to eat a lot of food every day, not only to fill their stomachs, but also to allow themselves to taste more different delicious. Then, delicate snacks often will welcome the Chongqing special snack Bang Bang chicken legend is a twenty year old signs characteristics of the brand to create a delicacy, many different snack products, including "flavor, crispy duck ear piece, sesame oil and brine rabbit," series, to bring you the ultimate taste enjoyment.

snack brands have different food series, to meet all different tastes, can bring you more delicious surprise! So, bang bang chicken legend has been studying different tastes, have been studying the various food and beverage products! Chongqing special snack bar chicken legend not only to build different snacks taste it. Also bring you a healthy diet.

delicious snacks often require high technology and technology, which is the most basic requirements for the production of delicious food. If you do not have the characteristics of the craft, the taste of the snack will not let you satisfied. Bang Bang Bang Bang chicken chicken legend have their own production methods, selected farm backyard 10-12 month old cock as main material; with the characteristic of Ya’an alkaline spring boiled chicken, chicken and give full play to the original natural incense; the soil pressed rapeseed oil, with pepper, Gong Hanyuan and other dozens of millet pepper seasoning raw material, in process processing secret Bang Bang chicken Chili oil; the use of Cyclobalanopsis wood as hammer, knock back way to cut the chicken slaughter, the chicken pieces of uniform, soft and suitable; the chicken slice placed into a unique style, with homemade chicken and boiled chicken soup stick Chili oil, make its natural flavor, aroma and taste, bring tasty ribs the

diet for everyone!

delicious snacks, delicious snacks, exquisite snacks, these are the legendary Bang Bang chicken products, it is because of these characteristics, the legend of the bang bang chicken is very popular in the market. Choose special snack Bang Bang chicken legend, it not only let you taste delicious, but also bring huge wealth for you. Chongqing special snack Bang Bang chicken legend catering franchise market darling.

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