Xian’s cooking art to tell you what a small Hot pot Hot pot cultural significance

China’s five thousand years of cultural accumulation makes Chinese culture has formed a system, even if it is to eat, we also have their own food and beverage culture, take the popular hot pot project now. Eat hot pot, not just eat it. And understand it. As a dedicated Hot pot diehard powder, you only know how to eat, but also know what Hot pot culture? Xiao Bian today in the know God to the little knowledge of eight, where you Amoy come up Knowledge has no limit. knowledge! What is the cultural significance of hot pot? Xian’s cooking art small Hot pot to answer.

1. hot pot has a long history and the foundation of the people, is a popular, popular means of cooking, and therefore has a civilian.


2. Hot pot by "cook" a single cooking method to deal with different food raw materials, with food diversity at the same time, can also choose chowhound hardcore and delicate taste, so Hot pot inclusive.

3. often eat Hot pot people generally have a higher sense of identity of Hot pot, Hot pot shop is a "Longmen array", each person can equal participation and sharing, which means that the identity of each other to eat Hot pot, close to.

4. hot pot is generally not included in the scope of banquets, informal.

5. hot pot has the regional characteristic, is a part of the regional culture characteristic, but the most representative region is the Sichuan basin.


6. hot pot is seasonal, the table will also change with the topic, to some extent, reflects the seasonal changes in a region and life changes?.

7. hot pot eating more and more flavor, the last of the soup has become the essence of the accumulation, so eat hot pot with a sense of participation and process.

8. Hot pot "fire" and "boiling soup", easily lead to the positive associations with the original sense of ceremony, but also can be "excited" when eaten in experience.

read the above description, are you surprised, originally a small Hot pot project there are so many catering culture, of course, Xiaobian introduce is just a drop in the bucket in Hot pot restaurant. If you are interested in the project, you can leave us a message.