Tips for a successful yogurt bar

want to successfully run a yogurt bar, need to pay attention to what problems? Many novice investors on this issue is not very familiar with the small sum up a number of successful experience, hoping to help businesses get a good profit, together to learn it.

The location of

Third, then you need a complete set of milk bar equipment, milk bar equipment includes 1 main production equipment: milk, yogurt, ice cream machine supporting one inoculation machine, oven, shake machine, sand ice machine, of course; you also need to use the auxiliary equipment: 2, fresh display cabinets, disinfection cabinet cleaning tank, ice machine, if you want to cash will be convenient, a cash register, you can buy with the brush card machine.

Fourth, at the same time can start decoration in the selection of equipment, decoration style must become the system, the main color is green and yellow with warm colors, mainly reflects the warm atmosphere of comfort and environmental protection. Operating room is the best independent space, the use of glass curtain wall partition, the operating room to have the necessary disinfection and sterilization equipment, in line with the requirements of the operation of cooked food equipment configuration requirements, to maintain the cleanliness of the operation room.

fifth, production technology is the most important step, is the priority among priorities, not a good product, the above steps do probably in vain. Hardware is a valuable thing, it is important that the software thing "product technology" is priceless, is the first productive force. Therefore, the selection of the best technology companies in the investigation is also the most important. It is particularly important to make yogurt in the milk bar, among which the selection of bacteria, the control of temperature, the choice of sugar, and even the customization of yogurt box, the filling process will affect the quality of yogurt.

sixth, everything is ready, the next step is to recruit staff opened, the recruitment of several effective salesperson and prepare a preparation for the perfect opening ceremony activities, a perfect publicity, directly affect the fresh recommendation