Taobao shop how to find products

is not easy to continue to explore the Taobao opened a shop, in the end what can be sold, but also after a number of studies. In short, after some research, decided to sell what is good, then, do not worry about the application of Taobao shops, or you need to sell things to understand the whole thing, that is the source.

has quite a lot of Taobao business is the upstream suppliers to death, various reasons have failed, and not on the supply capacity, suddenly do not give you the delivery, the wrong person, the wrong type of mistake, the goods price reduction, what birds have. So to find a suitable stable product supply source is very important.

if you produce, the more things, the establishment of the company, industrial and commercial registration, looking for raw materials, processing, packaging, printing, application, trademark application certificate, a lap down an estimated second years. If it is not their own production, but for the generation of OEM processing, the same reason, you have to stare at the production plant don’t drop the ball out, still staring at have no competitors to do. Estimated that the vast majority of small sellers do not do these two things, it is best not to do, or you are still not a small seller.

if you are already producing another brand agent of good things, suggest you, first of all: goods than eight, the quality of the products must be stable, so as to avoid customer service service trouble; second: not recommended price less than 100 yuan, in order to avoid the low consumption users demanding low quality customer service bring endless trouble to you; third the profit of not less than 30-50 yuan, so as to avoid the packaging, courier and so on cost you a penny earned not.

fourth: product type single as a single, not a product has 8 colors, 9 models, that you sell will be more tired, delivery is also easy to mistake, the time of purchase collocation of different types of the purchase amount is not good grasp. Once the sales volume is not good, the remaining stocks do not sell out; fifth: don’t try to send on behalf of goods, can not sell, so when a houseful of goods to cry, but to find can help you smoothly deliver goods manufacturers or agents, electricity providers, centralized supply distributors, is the best all products are only from a home, you can save a lot of time and trouble.

wait until you sell a certain sales basis, but also have some knowledge of the product, the market also have a general judgment, Taobao’s marketing also has a certain amount of experience, in order to increase profits, taking into account a number of suitable goods. We must check the packaging and goods purchase time, and with suppliers on a good customer service, how cooperation, quality is the problem how to do, how to go and return procedure.

never looked at the market seems pretty good, anxious to make more money a lot of money hit into a lot of goods, the market changes very fast, in addition to the product itself, once.