Don’t bring bad feelings to your career

life is not a simple thing, there will be a variety of troubles, a lot of people prone to emotional state. It doesn’t matter how important it is, it’s important not to be able to bring this feeling into our work. If it is a shop to do business, with a bad mood to operate, I am afraid there will be a very adverse impact on the business.

is open, the boss who understand the truth Friendliness is conducive to business success. will inevitably encounter, but not liking things in life, the bad mood will be very easy to stores, service will be greatly reduced, and therefore more or less some loss of customers.

a few days ago, I went to the area of retail customers to visit the store Liu, the couple just quarreled, two people are irritated. At this time, come to a customer to buy milk and drink, asking several commodity prices, Liu seemed very impatient, blunt cold, the quarrel altogether poured into the customer complaints body. This customer, hurriedly just mentioned the milk and drink and slowly put down: "boss, I came to the consumer not to be bullied!" Then he turned and walked away.

when I was stunned, Liu was stunned, even sitting in the corner and sulk daughter-in-law Liu also shocked. As we all know, the customer must not return Liu shop, he may not only, his family and it won’t come.

now business competition is very intense, the results also appeared such a thing, so how to do business? See the old couple have regret, I quickly advised: "the couple live when the inevitable quarrel, angry, for business sake, we still try not to bring the customer emotion, The loss outweighs the gain……."