Five thousand venture you dare to create amazing wealth of female college students

a lot of students because of lack of experience, took office has become a big problem, it is difficult to find a suitable job. Most of them are very confused, and some students will choose to fight to start a business, of course, many college students have achieved good results. Today, we tell you a successful case to see how she did it.

"students, this kind of cosmetics is suitable for your skin, a lot of girls use this brand of spring." Yesterday morning, Xihua Normal University School District a small shop, the shop owner is a few girls to sell her merchandise, store goods, cosmetics are a superb collection of beautiful things, some of the students love the decor of ethnic customs. The 23 year old Yu Qiulian is a 30 square metre shop owner, with a pair of glasses, quiet hard is reminiscent of her calling business.

she began scouring the Internet for some cheap things, such as the price of 20 yuan to 60 yuan between beauty and with national style clothing, "university economy is not very strong, but the consumption concept of avant-garde!" Yu Qiulian tried to start a "bedroom marketing" to "roommate to sell products, they usually anyway. Buy, buy my stuff and do a favor." Pay attention to the establishment of a fixed customer relationship, through the success of selling products to her roommate, she looked at the same floor of the girls and their classmates.

"online picture looks very beautiful, things got hands feel little of what." Last year the end of the summer, sent home 5000 yuan tuition, Yu Qiulian hit a time difference, the first put this 5000 yuan, run Chengdu and Kunming purchase, on campus the great flow of people crossing the stall, the dormitory is "warehouse". The first stall some feel shy hat bow, Yu Qiulian et al to buy, sometimes one day can only earn the cost down.

"stall to sell things and not what disgrace, why don’t you sell bold?" at this time, began to encourage her roommate. Four or five days later, Yu Qiulian timidly roar. Because she sells the product is the student likes the clothing and the skin care product one kind of thing, but is not expensive, the business is getting better.

a certain accumulation, Yu Qiulian not only use the money to pay the tuition, also invested 30 thousand yuan in the school district rented a shop, and establish long-term cooperative relations with the two foreign production of national costumes and cosmetics manufacturers. Soon, there are some people follow suit. Yu Qiulian is very anxious, several did not sleep all night, she gave some hardcore "customer" list in the paper, through home visits and other forms of market development, "a big customer can bring 20 customers for you!" the store’s business is getting better and better.

in less than a few months.