Cosmetics shop named taboo what

in the name of the shop when we give, if there will be related methods and principles, naturally there will be a certain taboo. For any one of the shopkeepers, only pay attention to these taboos, so that the store will be better operational development. So, cosmetics shop named taboo?

1, cosmetics shop taboo? Absolute meaning. Such as special effects, effective, powerful, efficient, effective, quick, magic, super strong, comprehensive, all-round, most, first, super, top, crown, extreme, extraordinary, skin, remove wrinkles etc..

2, false words. If only add some natural products from cosmetic products but declared that "natural", is a false meaning.

3, cosmetics shop taboo? Exaggerated words. Such as "professional" can be applied to the professional shop or by professional training staff in the use of the Hair Coloring, perm, a finger) and other products, but for other products are exaggerated words.

4, medical terminology. Such as prescription, prescription, medicine, medicine, health care, treatment, treatment, stretch marks, all kinds of skin diseases, the name of various diseases, etc..

5, cosmetics shop taboo? Words that express or imply medical effects and effects. Such as antibacterial, bacteriostasis, sterilization, sterilization, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, blood circulation, anti allergy, anti allergy, desensitization, spot, spot, no net vertical scar, hair growth, hair regeneration, check off, lose weight, fat, liposuction, thin, thin face, thin leg etc..

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6, medical celebrity. Such as Bian Que, Hua Tuo, Zhang Zhongjing, Li Shizhen, etc..

7, cosmetics shop taboo? No association with the characteristics of the product, the consumer is not easy to understand the meaning of. Such as decoding, digital, intelligent, infrared, etc..

8, vulgar words. Such as "naked" vulgar words, may not be used; for "nude make-up" (such as makeup) can be used.

9, the meaning of feudal superstition. Cosmetics shop named taboo? Such as ghosts, goblins, Gua, evil, soul. Such as "God" for "gods" is a superstition of meaning, for "refreshing" (such as aromatic cosmetics) can be used.

10, approved drug name. Such as skin mites, etc..

11, over the scope of claims product use. Cosmetics shop named taboo? Such as special cosmetics claims shall not exceed the "9 categories of special purpose cosmetics cosmetic health supervision regulations" meaning and rules of the implementation of the interpretation, as well as non special purpose cosmetics shall be declared as special cosmetics >