Look at the three kinds of how to improve the turnover margin of bullfrog Hot pot

Hot pot catering industry legend staged continuously, for example the bullfrog Hot pot project below I want to introduce, with a fifty percent annual growth in turnover. In such a large food market competition in three kinds of edge is how to do so Hot pot bullfrog greatly jump? Want to know to follow the small series continue to look down.

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Qujiang might be a kind of restaurant owner: they halfway rounded the catering industry, industrious. They keep falling into the pit, but they can quickly climb out and adjust the direction. The restaurant they encountered the most difficult moments, but did not give up, eventually to the restaurant, and continued to grow.

at present, three kinds of edge has been known to consumers in Beijing Hot pot bullfrog, bullfrog has gradually become one of the brand competitive category.

founder of the three flavors of Qujiang has been stressed that he is still in the initial stage, he still needs to learn. Only two stores, he is not proud of the capital. But the development of three kinds of edge of bullfrog and his experience, Hot pot, a restaurant owner may be able to provide reference and inspiration.

growth of 50% a year, the bullfrog how to jump Hot pot



Qujiang opened two stores in Beijing Hot pot bullfrog, the star traders are comments. 12 years ago, he took part in the food and beverage industry. 3 years ago, his restaurant was in trouble. But he did two things, one category focus, the two is strictly control product quality. Finally, his shop to usher in the spring.

Qujiang is a native of Beijing, 70, said gas and the gas in a leisurely manner, but always grasp the key.

after graduating from secondary school to enter the hotel as a waiter, and then do more than 10 years of jeans business. Like a lot of people who are tired of working for others, Qujiang thought that the way to be a boss is to open a restaurant.

Qujiang is very cautious, in 2004 started his meal, he accepted the invitation Luyuexuan Yang Xiezai founder, joined the Luyuexuan sheep scorpion Hot pot. Qujiang has completed its own food and beverage enlightenment. Then in 2007, Qujiang called three colleagues in the clothing business, want to open a hot pot shop, because the founder is three people, they will be named the restaurant of the taste of the edge of hot pot.

soon, the three taste of the edge of the first shop in the Beijing River in the opening of the three, soon fire, a few months to achieve profitability.

for the first time into the food and beverage industry, such an easy success is easy to let him underestimate how deep the water industry.

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