Stationery store operations need to adjust measures to local conditions

a shop in the end should be how to operate, every entrepreneur would have his own ideas, in fact, Xiao Bian here emphasize that the stationery store business also need to adjust measures to local conditions, so that it can guarantee a better store operation, and has a better development. Why do you say that? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

is said to join the industry by chance, I also do stationery for less than two years time, so we can only talk about my plain on the industry a little shallow understanding of it, today my topic is why the local conditions, local conditions, because I see a lot of things to share out in the group are tall there are many shops, do well, like stationery life like, is this store one of our most lacking, is like this shop open at once inspired group, every day pondering the location, layout.

but ignore the most practical things, not so much money, then quiet down, began to adjust the existing shops, I am not the school side shop, but I have their own advantages, the store in our area has more than ten years of history, in the county downtown section, is a small area, the rent is high.

how can I keep my customers and open up new markets?.

first, the replacement of all the original old shelves, adjust the display layout;

second, the original store inventory, inventory,

third, not in accordance with the experience of the original boss into some cheap things, began to divide everything into three, etc., each into a part, respectively, to meet the different levels of consumer demand,

fourth, what is good to sell what put in a prominent position, take the door of the goods basket, although not very good-looking, but a lot of children see want to buy, buy a part of every day.

because I am also a stationery new, so I can only say something simple, after all is not out of stock, we have two students office, the shop floor is the first floor of the goods, a thirty square meters of the shop, I was at least about two hundred thousand of the goods, a lot of things to buy other guests will be out of stock. But I can not Yahuo. What good are selling what, and then have time to clean sanitation, a display of goods.

of course, no matter what kind of business strategy, no matter what kind of skills, in fact, for any of the operators, the most important thing is the integrity of the business, treat every customer. Only their support, their business can thrive, repeat customers is the greatest recognition of their efforts.