What are the necessary conditions to open cake shop

When people

birthday, will prepare a C to celebrate, because of the popularity of the cake, so cake shop business must be very good, you know how to open a cake shop how much of what conditions?

what are the prerequisites for opening a cake shop?

1, the owner quality requirements:

1) as the owner, operators need to have management ability, can be arranged in good order shop management.

2) with the ability to invest, investment funds (usually around 200 thousand).

3) as an operator, investors should have a keen business acumen, and have a certain ability to analyze.

2, business requirements:

1) cake shop area needs to be more than 50 square meters.

2) location, preferably in the downtown business district, or a large community near, convenient transportation, a certain amount of traffic.

3, shop hardware conditions

these are the necessary conditions to open a cake shop, you can refer to the next. Of course, each cake store brand differences, join conditions will be different, it is worth more people love, a lot of advantages.