The old man escaped from prison for 25 years gambling change life

Shaanxi, an old man escaped from prison for 25 years, he was also a profitable young man, but since the gambling, his life began a dark journey. At the age of 75, he will go to prison again, and will be in prison for his crimes.

75 Ma Zhenchang at the age of the guards brought before the China Daily reporter, ruddy, in fine Fig.

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1940 in June 14th, Ma Zhenchang was born in Mizhi County of Shaanxi Province Sha Jia Cun town of wood. Ma Zhenchang has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He has never been to school. But Ma Zhenchang is clever. He said he was a descendant of the landlord, before the founding of new China, the family is very rich.

1958, due to the harsh nature of the home and living conditions, a year of crop harvest even corn noodles are not enough, 18 year old Ma Zhenchang went to Yanan to make a living. Yulin Mizhi Jiaxian and many local farmers to Yanan or Guanzhong area, the local people called "run road", is that the meaning of northeast.

"at that time, hundreds of pieces of money is" in the prison, Ma Zhenchang to the China Daily reporter about the glory of the year. At this time, he met a man now Baota District of Yanan City Li Qu Zhen, this is called "Qu Wan work" the man let Ma Zhenchang then lost myself.

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