Entrepreneurs encounter bad project let it die

speaking of the day of the formal establishment of the amoeba capital, founding managing partner of Wang Donghui "first meeting" to describe. After the Spring Festival in 2011, several partners in a hotel in Shanghai, Pudong, a good company name, determine the direction of investment, officially put into battle.

by the end of 2010, Wang Donghui or

Jinshan CFO, he told the board of directors and internal Lei playing the "greeting" said they had the next step of the plan. I am a financial background, but also in the listed companies and Internet Co for a long time to do financial and operational work, so naturally want to do a TMT industry fund."

, another founding managing partner of Zhao Hong, is a former vice president of Alibaba group, responsible for corporate mergers and acquisitions and financing. Wang Donghui and Zhao Hong met in 1998, two people are PWC colleagues.

at first, the fund has not been established, several founding partners to take their money to invest in the project, try to test the water, the results are not bad". Wang Donghui said, the first project is mogujie.com, later cast the 4 projects, the 4 project partners to fund a parity, the size of the fund is 150 million yuan, at the time of the three founders of its own funds accounted for nearly 40%.

to the end of 2011, they began to look for LP, aimed at the industry’s brand of individuals. Rely on the partner’s contacts, found Ali, Jinshan executives joined.

, our fund is starting from the industry, GP and LP are in the industry, investment is also around the industry. Many of the early projects rely on our circle of trust to do, until the two phase, the trust circle has been.

phase of the LP is still, in which a number of founders have become our later LP." During the interview, Wang Donghui repeatedly stressed the importance of the circle of trust. He hopes that the state will continue in the future. "For an early fund, the most important thing is to have their own circle of trust, everyone has what kind of project can be passed on to us. The biggest cost of the transaction is trust."

Amiba focuses on early TMT venture capital investment. Investment including mogujie.com, fast taxi, Amoy affordable, Naka Chicheng, pass class, seedling technology, fitness project hot. A fund cast a total of 35 projects, nearly 30 times the book returns.

at the end of last year, announced the completion of the amoeba capital two yuan fund raising. Now, the overall fund management scale of more than 1 billion 500 million yuan. A fund to catch up with the growth of China intelligent mobile phone traffic quickest period, Amiba got C to end the flow of dividends, and in the two period, Amiba will start from the B end user habits, more investment enterprise services.


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