Double 12 is coming this time with Alipay reputation play

Abstract: "we still have a line of Taobao twelve, but the line of the situation is more complex than that of large flow double eleven. The line needs to consider the problem under the vending machine, queuing problem of super Alipay security and payment system and merchant payment system." Fan Chi said that the ultimate hope is to help users find the characteristics of the surrounding businesses, while helping businesses precipitation reputation".

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is destined to chop hand eleven days, double Express has not been fully received, but also to the twelve.

December 3rd, Alipay officially announced its twelve the details of the plan and activities with the line named "1212 Alipay reputation global carnival". According to Alipay data, this will have more than 30 million line merchants participate, covering restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, catering, shopping district, airport, beauty salon, cinema and other eight line scene.

in addition, this is the first time Alipay will "shuangshier internationalization". In addition to the more than and 200 city of Hong Kong and Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and other 12 countries and regions will participate in this event, Alipay users receive payment or merchant discount in reputation platform can enjoy 50 percent off discount.

data show that the number of Chinese tourists to Japan this year, about 5 million people, compared to 2014 doubled, with an average of $15 thousand per visitor spending. Alipay said, is the one of Japan’s participation in the global activities of twelve countries, international twelve activities will start from December 1st until January 3rd, during the Christmas, including. Peng Yijie, President of the international business division, said that with the increase in the number of Chinese outbound tourists, overseas businesses also need to understand the preferences and needs of Chinese tourists.

compared to other countries for January promotions, domestic short, official activities under the line only twelve day. It is understood that this year – will still be in the supermarket convenience stores as an important scene, soon, you can see the door of the supermarket, the aunt who was captured. Carrefour, WAL-MART, Huarun and other large supermarket chains, thousands of Yonghui, family, 7-11, Rosen, good neighbors and other convenience stores, a total of nearly 60 brands, 3 10000 stores will participate in the activities.

20 is a major part of this delicacy restaurant reputation in the business reputation had just established an open platform, open platform and reputation will rely on Alipay for the next line of business to provide comprehensive support platform, data flow, membership marketing operation. Word of mouth, said Zhu Xiaolei, director of operations,

hope that the future can be opened through the electronic ticket, providing businesses with more accurate analysis of the goods and the crowd, personalized membership services, in order to improve the operating efficiency of the business line.

for offline businesses, is just a copy – double line? Reputation CEO fan Chi said,

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