U S version of Taobao 58 City Ali Ali investment investment

, the global mobile business platform 5miles announced a $30 million B+ round of financing has been the Blue Lake capital investment fund, an early investor IDG capital, Morningside ventures and Heiner Asia are involved with the cast. It is worth noting that, with the Alibaba group and eBay related investors also participated in this round of investment, but did not disclose the name of 5miles.

public information display, 5miles is based entirely on the mobile side of the electronic business platform, mainly to provide second-hand goods trading services, as well as looking for services, looking for a room, looking for work and other O2O functions. As we all know, in the field of second-hand goods trading and services O2O, Ali’s Taobao, idle fish, 58 city and its home, has accounted for most of the market share of 58. 5miles can you still have a chance,


fortunately, the 5miles market is not at home, but in the United states. "China Internet Corporation to sea a lot, but most game companies and the cheetah mobile software tools, such as our basic necessities of life and life completely into the overseas user service projects rarely," Lu Liang said, "5miles can be thought of as a mobile phone version of Taobao and 58 city fit. The United States is not so much like Chinese of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and distribution enterprises, so the copy of the Taobao model is not enough, but a kind of Taobao based C2C, taking into account the local service trading platform is possible".

, however, it seems in the industry, after the listing of Ali Ma has acquired a number of companies engaged in business in the United States, the future does not rule out 5miles team may, after all, Ali anonymous investors have with this round of investment in the capital.