Group purchase website should be at every step or overnight


GROUPON famous, now the domestic group purchase website is the emergence of a large number of hot war going on. Not long ago, a risk investment group purchase station is the one hundred station opened the city overnight, claiming to occupy the domestic market. For this to happen overnight, eat into a fat man’s idea, I sniff at the. Group purchase website, or step by step, step by step, the steady advance of the good.

I have been in the "group purchase station fire, individual owners have the opportunity?" a comparative analysis of the current and the classification of information group purchase tide tide, that group purchase station is high threshold, the emphasis in marketing, need to be familiar with the local situation of personnel in marketing the work ground. Through the real human to complete, not the power of procedure can be replaced, can do it not engage in propaganda. You can imagine, a city to the market, marketing, accounting and so on a total of five people, according to the annual salary of thirty thousand per person, a city of one hundred and fifty thousand to labor costs, plus office rental, hardware equipment and other miscellaneous expenses, is simply a total of two hundred thousand, the one hundred city the cost for a year is twenty million, while the actual only the cost will be more not less. Of course, if you get millions of dollars in venture capital that as it claims, so maintain website operation one or two years can still, but the risk investment can really step? If not consistently profitable, the follow-up funds can follow up is a big problem. Internet companies immediately crazy burn shock and death after a few blind expansion, once fame is a good example.

don’t say so much, see now that the situation can be a group purchase station. Known as the one hundred opening of the city sub station handle network, there are only fifteen actual group purchase information, while the remaining sub station is only shared a nationwide group purchase activities. If you look at it to the fifteen city group purchase, there is only one end of the group purchase activities, the number of activities as can be imagined. Founded by Wang Xing, the United States has also been widely concerned about the network, the page shows that there are fifteen cities, but the actual opening of only three cities.

can be seen, the so-called open much of a city sub station, just pull the banner bluff group purchase station, the aim of the course is to deter latecomers, let people see the capital predators to quit before. Take off his gorgeous coat, all we see is a guy with a fat face. Group purchase is a big market, no matter how strong capital companies cannot take the cake. Only has the advantage of local resources, the local people to do group purchase website, otherwise can only be done without geographical restrictions of mail group purchase. It is based on the large group purchase several large city, then according to the profitability and financial strength gradually, through mergers and acquisitions or may provide a platform and development agency cooperation to carry out operations in only part of the city.

so the majority of personal webmaster if there is intention to enter the field of group buying, finish >