[] the domain name investment story Essay

          domain name market is very interesting, although Sina and many other portals, but also often broke a domain name and price, and a garbage broke the news. Who is the fool of Internet users, in addition to some do not understand the domain name to bring some real eye, did not have any effect on the domain name market.

          domestic real domain name gangster, also so a few. They control the industry class, or control the city class, or control a class. Each person in the hands of thousands of domain names, the value of tens of millions of dollars. These are genuine goods at a fair price.

          I love, but also have a deal with these meters Yankees, understand their stories. Special to write, to share with everyone, even the direction of positive solutions guide.

          Michong is low-key, they, in their own small circle on the meter, trading, discuss the gun (sweep program robm meters), about park,Only those who love the periphery of the

always everywhere dragging some meters to shout price. As for the big newspapers on the flicker of those meters. What sold how many million, is pure trouble and want to famous people, what a central, Liu Xiang rice, not worth a penny.

        there is a love, people often regard him as a madman, his behavior is often very crazy, in the CN market has not yet developed the occasion. He registered a.cn  b.cn – z.cn  the other half of the single letter.Cn  there are many 2 letter.Cn at the time, a.Cn domain price is more than and 300, he registered so much, they still have not seen the CN market. A lot of.Cn’s got people. The current market is P.cn such a single subtitle of the market value is 500 thousand RMB a.

    there is a love, and most of the city’s phonetic alphabet, an estimated 5000, there are also the value of gold and silver domain.

    a cadelle registered, most of the Chinese.Com industry category of words. A word was registered at 280. Now after IE 7, Chinese is very hot, IE7 direct support for Chinese.Com.

      a cadelle, selling rice is very interesting, because they do not love 4  later sold 4499.com, 4399.com will be the 100 in the world, after selling 8844.com Qomolangma drop from 8848 to 8844,.