Taobao com fake January received 462 complaint letters

last month announced plans to invest 100 million yuan fake, announced the 1 month crackdown results today. fake official mailbox [email protected] 1 months received 462 complaint letters, BELLE group, MaryKay cosmetics, Ordos cashmere sweater, Shanghai Senna Biological Technology Co. Ltd., Dongguan Dazhi Furniture Co. Ltd. and other dozens of brand enterprises to join the ranks of fake Taobao, information.

in the 462 complaint letters, there are about 60% of a trade complaint, the complaint has been referred to the dispute handling department to follow up treatment. About fake and shoddy goods complaints about 30%, of which individual complaints and complaints accounted for half of the brand. For the fake complaints, professionals have follow-up treatment, and with the relevant departments in charge of the line linkage line traced the source of counterfeiting.

over the past three weeks, Taobao has teamed up with the Zhejiang Copyright Bureau in Huzhou to crack down on the sale of pirated books online. Three weeks ago, [email protected] mailbox received Amoy friends report, a Taobao shop is selling pirated books. Taobao verification of the store is located in Zhejiang, Huzhou, Li will be informed of the situation to the Zhejiang Municipal Copyright bureau. As a result of online management, store sales information and its address at a glance. According to the information provided by the Huzhou copyright department, Taobao will soon find the sale of pirated persons, and to investigate and deal with Taobao, while its stores were permanently frozen. Moreover, according to the information obtained from the survey, the source of pirated books from somewhere in Hubei. At present, contact the Huzhou Municipal Bureau of copyright and is working with the Hubei relevant departments will continue this clue, destroyed dens manufacturing from the source of pirated books. In addition, against for other reported the selling behavior are carried out in wildly beating gongs and drums.

in December 18th, will the net goods trading Alibaba jointly organized group and the Chengdu municipal government, Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba CEO Jack Ma said, as more and more goods in online marketing, he thinks Taobao online must be fake, but this is a social phenomenon. He stressed that Taobao online goods more. Ma Yun told the national consumers, are all in the crackdown, because no matter good for consumers, for or to the Alibaba or the biggest damage are fake.

Ma also said, after all, Taobao is not the law enforcement agencies, functional departments need more involved, more and more genuine manufacturers, network operators with pure net goods market, in order to truly curb fake phenomenon from the source. At the same time, Ma said that next year will be Alibaba group and all network operators together to promote network planning. "We should use the good faith, so that the integrity of the businessman to get greater benefits than merchants without integrity." Ma Yun said.

experts believe that the root of combat cyber fakes not only rely on the implementation of a variety of online retail platform own fake, and in.